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Giant Sparrow unveils 'The Unfinished Swan'

After years of silence, we hear from the swan

unfinished swan
unfinished swan

Giant Sparrow unveils its first-person painting game, The Unfinished Swan.

Giant Sparrow released footage today of their upcoming PSN title, The Unfinished Swan.

The studio's creative director, Ian Dallas, apologized to PlayStation Blog readers about the studio's silence over the game since its prototype was initially shown in 2008. He proceeded to thank readers for waiting and shared a trailer for the game.

Dallas described The Unfinished Swan as a first-person painting game. The player begins in a completely white space. Playing as a boy chasing a swan, the player must throw blobs of ink and paint onto surfaces to reveal the world around him.

Polygon will have a full preview of the game online tomorrow.

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