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Nintendo announces new details for Pokemon Conquest

Gotta invade 'em all


New details announced for Nintendo's Pokemon Conquest

DS title Pokemon Conquest will include 17 unlockable kingdoms and collectible warlords, according to new information released by Nintendo today.

According to the publisher, players unlock episodes in the game's Story Mode as they progress through its kingdoms to save the region of Ransei from warlord Nobunaga, while each episode contains a different playable warlord and victory condition.

Users will recruit the defeated warlords and their Pokemon to join their army. Like Pokemon, warlords each use unique abilities and are categorized in types that determine how well they link to specific Pokemon.

In addition training grounds, mines, and shops of each kingdom are accessible once its warlord is defeated.

Each of the 17 kingdoms is themed around a different element that can be overcome by attacking the land with Pokemon of opposite elemental powers.

"For example, in the fire-themed kingdom of Ignis, players can battle around lava flows, lava beds and fire spouts," Nintendo states. "Strategically using water-type Pokémon to navigate through this battlefield will help players conquer this kingdom."

Finally, those with registered armies can also battle friends using the built-in local wireless feature.

Pokemon Conquest releases June 18 in North America. The game was released last March in Japan under the title Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition.

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