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'Mass Effect 3' confirms first characters in new ending content, EDI returns

Bring back Garrus, please

mass effect 3
mass effect 3

Mass Effect 3's extended ending sees the return of three characters so far

Mass Effect 3's extended ending is in development and so far franchise stalwarts EDI, Kaidan and Admiral Hackett are confirmed to make an appearance.

EDI voice actress Tricia Helfer confirmed her return to G4, stating: "I'm voicing some more Mass Effect on Monday."

Lance Henriksen, who voices Admiral Hackett, also confirmed his own work in the upcoming content and went on to reiterate the development of the extended ending DLC is due to the "abruptness" of the original conclusion to Mass Effect 3.

"I just did another session with them...," he told G4. "They were saying there's a little bit of a problem with the abruptness of the ending. So we did a whole series of things to add to the end of the game, to live up to the quality they've been doing."

"Usually, when a guy loses the game, the game shuts down; it's over. It's done. The players don't like that," He added.

Raphael Sbarge later wrote over Twitter he would return as the voice of Kaidan: "Just when you thought I would never go back, they keep PULLING me back in #MassEffect!! Recording!! Yay! Wha-hoo!"

The resurgence of Kaidan in the game suggests that users who chose to save Ashley instead will see her character one more time.

Mass Effect 3′s Extended Cut DLC will be available as a free download later this year.