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'Borderlands 2' getting framerate fixes, new enemies are in the 'triple-digits'

Voice communication issues getting resolved

borderlands 2
borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 to get framerate improvements and tons of new enemies

Gearbox Software is focusing on framerate and stability issues in the development of the upcoming Borderlands 2, according to producer Matt Charles.

Responding to a public Twitter Q&A, Charles wrote on the official PlayStation blog that while it's "too early" to offer any final numbers, there will be an improvement.

"We're entering the phase of development right now where we are focusing on framerate and stability, so it's too early for me to give any final numbers, but you will see an improvement over the first game."

A section of the programming team is also currently working to fix issues known to the voice communication system.

In addition, users can also expect a large number of new enemies in this sequel to Borderlands.

"There are brand new enemy families in Borderlands 2, and the total count of unique enemies (including special elemental variants with unique AI) is in the triple digits. New environments + new enemy types and behaviours = much more varied combat encounters!"

Borderlands 2 will be out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on September 18.