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'Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition' bundles up DLC for $30 in June

Dismemberment gets a discount

dead island ryder
dead island ryder

Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition will bundle together last year's zombie kill-a-thon and all of its downloadable content for $30 next month, publisher Deep Silver announced today.

The package includes the full Dead Island campaign, the Bloodbath Arena DLC the Ripper weapon mod add-on, and the single-player Ryder White expansion. That latter bundle tells the Dead Island story from the perspective of main antagonist Ryder White, and explains why he's such a total bastard to everyone all of the time. The secret? Zombies Ate his Neighbors. That's right, folks. Everything's connected.

Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition will hit store shelves on June 26th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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