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'Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor' demo comes to Xbox Live

Capcom believes it to be the most accurate Kinect game yet.

Steel battalion: heavy armor
Steel battalion: heavy armor

Demo for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor drops on Xbox Live today

The demo for From Software's Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is available today for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, with complete public access scheduled for sometime next week.

Published by Capcom and set to release on June 19th for North America, Heavy Armor is the sequel to the 2002 Xbox original Steel Battalion and 2004's Steel Battalion: Line of Contact. Set in 2082 America with stylization reminiscent of World War II, players will find themselves in a landscape overrun by a silicon-eating microbe that has stripped the world of all previously-functioning technology.

Heavy Armor is set to be one of the first games to utilize a mix of traditional and Kinect motion controls for gameplay, setting players in giant bipedal robots called Vertical Tanks in single-player campaigns. The 1.01 GB demo grants players an early taste of piloting the Vertical Tanks with newly-added Kinect control options.

Earlier this month, Capcom expressed to Eurogamer that the company feels it is the most accurate game using the Kinect currently on the market.

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