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Kojima takes supporting role in next 'Zone of the Enders'

'Is it better to make the next one anime?' Hideo Kojima


Hideo Kojima confirms his supporting role as producer on the upcoming Zone of the Elders project, while the rest of his staff works on the bulk of the title.

Hideo Kojima will take a supporting role as producer in the upcoming Zone of the Enders sequel announced last week, he confirmed on Twitter.

Kojima, who worked as producer on the two previous installments in the series, explained he will deal only with early planning for the upcoming Zone of the Enders due to his current involvement with the in-development Project Ogre. The script, game design, level design and event direction will be handled by his staff.

"From the start of the plan, it was clear I was just support. In reality, the game design, script, production, level design, etc. were all supervised by other staff. Even when I tried to force myself into things, I didn't have any success," he explains.

He adds that as producer he will need to find a balance between what will sell to a broad market and what he wishes to make.

"As a producer, it's necessary to think about whether it'll sell or won't sell. You can't budget without assuming market conditions and how many will sell," he wrote on Twitter.

"The most important part is whether or not I can actually make what I intend. Is it better to make the next one anime style and satisfy the otaku part of my soul? Or satisfy the sci-fi part of my soul and make it photo realistic?

"The creators of Gundam, Akira and Evangelion were heavily influenced by various works from in and outside the country. Japanese creators who have an otaku and sci-fi soul use this combination technique to create and put out anime like that."

The Zone of the Enders sequel is currently in development and is said to take place in an ancient civilization.

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