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'Halo 4' internal multiplayer beta gameplay leaked, new features demonstrated

Turn your speakers down immediately


Leaked footage of Halo 4 multiplayer has made it to YouTube, detailing a number of gameplay features.

Footage from the Halo 4 internal multiplayer beta has leaked online, revealing a Slayer match on the Warehouse map, along with faster movement and weapon switching than seen in previous Halo titles.

The low-quality video, posted to YouTube by user Skid Kid, confirms Halo 4's Sprint ability lasts longer than in the previous Halo: Reach.

The footage, which includes NSFW audio, also demonstrates the new instant respawning system, the Railgun weapon, sword combat, new assassination animations and the Promethean Vision armor ability that lets users see through walls.

Responding to the leak, Microsoft told Kotaku the company is "conducting an internal beta test of Halo 4 which is a standard development practice for most video games. We have no plans for a multiplayer beta for Halo 4."

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