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'Heavy Rain' studio rumored to unveil new PS3 project at E3

But will it feature attractive robots


Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream will reveal new game project next week during Sony's E3 conference, say sources.

Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream will unveil its new game during Sony's E3 conference next week, according to sources.

Speaking to CVG, a senior developer close to the project stated the studio is also in the process of developing two additional projects for Sony, however it is unclear if both are for PS3 release.

Last March, studio founder David Cage introduced a video designed to demonstrate the engine and motion capture technology for the upcoming game. The seven minute-long demo, called Kara, told the story of a female android who becomes self-aware while being threatened with deconstructure.

We have contacted Sony for comment and will update the story when more information is available.

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