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'Diablo III' refund investigation kicks off in Korea


Blizzard's Seoul office is under investigation for potential violation of South Korea's electronic commerce law, following the release of the long-awaited Diablo III which caused high volumes of traffic that servers and networks are unable to handle.

While some Korean gamers sought a refund, Blizzard's policy would not allow a refund for a title already in-use. However South Korean law guarantees a refund of any product within seven days if the problem is not caused by the consumer.

Roughly 10 percent of Diablo III sales came from South Korea. According to Blizzard over 3.5 million copies of the game were sold worldwide on the day of release, quickly becoming the fastest selling PC game in history.

The company apologized for server issues encountered in the game immediately after release, confirming they would delay the release of the real-money auction house until server issues are secured.

The company announced last week it would set up additional servers in Asia to meet the increase in demand.

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