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Second 'Guild Wars 2' beta weekend announced


Second beta event to occur the weekend following E3.

This morning Guild Wars 2 lead producer Chris Whiteside announced the game's second beta weekend will take place from Friday, June 8 at noon PDT until Sunday, June 10 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Players can resume play with existing beta characters, with those who are level 35 and above gaining access to an explorable version of the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon.

"The participation and enthusiasm we’ve seen has exceeded our expectations, and we’re all very grateful and appreciative here at the studio," wrote Whiteside. "You, our community, are an integral part of the development process, and Guild Wars 2 simply would not be what it is today without you."

He went on to assure that ArenaNet has taken feedback from the game's first beta event into careful consideration, calling the world of Guild Wars 2 one of player-driven evolution. "Our community and our studio won’t accept anything less than excellence, and above all else, we both value a pioneering approach to the future of online worlds," he added.

Tester hopefuls can follow the official Guild Wars 2 Twitter and Facebook accounts for a chance to obtain a beta key.

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