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Europe to get Ice White PSP


PAL region-only deal a budget-friendly option for kids.

An Ice White PSP-E1000 will be released in Europe this July for £89.99/€99.99 (RRP) alongside a dozen PSP Essential titles for £9.99/€9.99 each.

The deal seems to be targeted for a newer generation of gamers, as most of the PSP Essential titles mentioned have been developed for young children. The official announcement on the European PlayStation blog mentions InviZimals as well as its sequel, InviZimals: Shadow Zone, in which players use AR cards to hunt, capture, train, battle, and trade fantasy creatures. Another discount title is EyePet, a game that makes use of the PSP's camera to imprint the player's virtual pet onto the surrounding environment.

It's should be noted that the PSP-E1000 is the PAL region's budget model for the handheld, and does not feature Wi-Fi capabilities, stereo speakers, or a microphone.

Touted as the best-priced portable currently on the market, the European blog promises a high-quality immersive experience for buyers.

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