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Radical fights to conquer cancer with Prototype 2 charity drive

One donation could get you James Heller's leather jacket


Radical Entertainment help to fight cancer with Prototype 2 swag

Radical Entertainment is teaming up with the BC Cancer Foundation's Ride to Conquer Cancer to reach a goal of $50,000 in donations in support of the cancer organization and breakthrough research against the disease.

Users who aid the studio's Radical Riders with a minimum donation of $5.00 are placed in a draw for a chance to win a Prototype 2 posters, signed shirt, signed copy of Prototype 2 on PS3 or Xbox 360, a signed Prototype 2 collector's edition for either platform, or an official James Heller Prototype 2 leather jacket.

Speaking to Polygon, Prototype 2 producer Jonathan Lim explained why both he and the Radical Foundation are driven to participate in this cause first-hand.

"Partly because I know a few people touched by cancer," Lim said of himself. "Partly because I hate to think how Cancer will affect my family and partly because it's a challenge that I want to take on. But that's just myself; this is something all of us on the team feel strongly about, even though we all have our own reasons.

"Responsibility is a strong word but I know that in the grand scheme of things we are all very lucky people here at Radical. We've got privileges that not a lot of people do and I feel like the least we could do is try to give back in any way we can. This is just one of the things the Radical Foundation (the philanthropic arm of Radical Entertainment) supports."

Those who wish to participate can visit the Radical Rider team profile on the official Conquer Cancer website, select a member of the team they wish to donate to and leave a comment stating "Donate 4 Proto 2 Swag" followed by a preferred contact email address.

As of now $22,152.55 of the team's $50,000 goal is reached. Jon Lim and lead animator Gerald Sombilonare are both taking part in the charity ride.

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