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Report: EA teaming up with, not being bought by Nexon

If true, this could be the start of a much bigger deal

FIFA Online 2
FIFA Online 2

EA and Nexon may be teaming up to distribute FIFA Online in Asia.

Massive free-to-play game publisher Nexon is in talks with Electronic Arts to distribute and help popularize the next FIFA Online in Asia, according to a Bloomberg report.

Citing multiple anonymous sources, Bloomberg says EA is weighing the possibility of using Nexon's online servers, developers and micro-transaction expertise for the game in Asia, particularly in South Korea, where Nexon was founded.

The rumor comes on the heels of another rumor that had Nexon considering the purchase of Electronic Arts. Those rumors, Bloomberg reports, are unfounded.

In their reporting, they say they found that this possible team up, which could help with getting customers in Asia to spend cash on small in-game purchases for things like team jerseys and player experience points, could come as early as June.

Both Nexon and Electronic Arts declined to comment about the potential partnership, though EA did take the opportunity to say they're "extremely pleased with how Korean fans have embraced EA Sports: FIFA Online 2."

Nexon, which moved its headquarters to Tokyo, Japan and went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange late last year, has about 80 million active users who spend an average of about $17 a month on virtual goods, according to Bloomberg.

Currently, FIFA Online is distributed by Neowiz Games Corp. in Korea, but sources told Bloomberg that that deal isn't exclusive.

If true, it could be a good way for EA to test the waters for more distribution deals with Nexon, which had $1.12 billion in revenue last fiscal year. It could also be a great way for Nexon to tap into some of the expertise EA has in releasing games in North America.

We've reached out to Nexon and EA for comment and will update when they respond.