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EA wants your feedback on Origin, Q&A to follow

Tell EA how you really feel


EA is asking for customer feedback regarding the Origin digital distribution service

EA is asking users to provide feedback for its digital distribution service Origin, by leaving a comment on the official EA website regarding their favorite Origin feature and one they'd like to see added or improved upon.

"Since its launch in June 2011," states a post on the EA blog, "Origin has undergone a quiet evolution, smoothing corners, strengthening foundations, and adding-piece by piece-the elements needed to make it a truly enjoyable gaming platform. However, in focusing so intently on what's to come, we haven't always succeeded in communicating what's already available."

The publisher will host a live Q&A with Origin creative director Robert Kissinger and product manager Mike Lewis on May 8 at 10:00 a.m. PST.

Further information on how to RSVP for the event will be provided "soon," says EA.

Origin accumulated a customer base of more than 9.3millin users since its launch last June.

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