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Company of Heroes 2 hits next year

Gamers will play as Soviets on the Eastern Front.

Company of Heroes 2
Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 leaked in UK game mag scan.

Company of Heroes 2, due out next year, will take the popular real-time strategy game to the Eastern Front to put players in control of the Soviet army during World War II, according to scans of the UK version of PC Gamer.

Reached for comment Thursday a THQ spokesperson confirmed the game is in development.

"THQ looks forward to sharing more details soon," the spokesperson said.

The sequel to one of the top rated real-time strategy games of all time will begin in 1941, according to the scanned article. The article describes the gameplay, the new look (which includes procedurally generated snow) and some of the game's upcoming vehicles, including the T-34S tank.

It sounds like developers Relic aren't planning on overhauling the game's mechanics, but instead are focusing on new scenarios and a lot more to do. That means this game will use more of the mechanics of the original Company of Heroes than some of the things that appeared in Relic's Dawn of War 2.