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Zen Studios reveals 'CastleStorm,' a physics-based strategy game

Weaponized sheep not included


Zen Studios' CastleStorm will blend the projectile-launching glee of Angry Birds with more thoughtful strategy elements when it launches across "literally every digital platform" later this year.

CastleStorm was announced alongside its first gameplay trailer earlier today. The video summarizes the experience: Players choose between the warring factions of Knights and Vikings, build castles to create troops, and then sends those troops (and catapulted missiles) towards the HQ of their foe. As players dispatch enemies, they earn gold, which in turn gives them more troops and customization options.

On Twitter, Zen Studios — which announced another new title, Kickbeat, one week ago today — confirmed that the game would be released on consoles, Steam and mobile platforms. Check out the trailer below, and start thinking about which team you're going to cast your support behind when CastleStorm launches. (Possibly from a trebuchet).