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Nico Nico social video service comes to PS Vita

Stream the Sony E3 conference through your PS Vita


PS Vita owners can now access the North America Nico Nico social video service app.

PS Vita owners will now be able to access the social networking video service Nico Nico from their handheld devices, allowing users to overlay comments on live or uploaded videos, Sony announced.

With a subscriber-base of over 27 million, the website is ranked within the top 15 most-viewed sites in Japan. However this will be the service's first major launch in North America since its English-language version went live in 2011.

Future updates to the PS Vita app will allow users to broadcast directly from the handheld device, as well as upload and view videos. In addition PS Vita owners will be able to watch the upcoming Sony E3 presentation streamed across the video app.

Nico Nico initially launched in 2006 and is currently available in English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese and German languages.

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