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'Guacamelee' punching its way onto PS3 and Vita


DrinkBox's platformer gets backing through SCEA's Pub Fund.

Guacamelee will release exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and Vita through Sony's Pub Fund program, with a playable demo at E3 next week.

The PlayStation blog states the title will utilize "the special features offered by each of the platforms," with details to come at a later date.

DrinkBox Studios' Mexican-themed "dimension-swapping Metroid-vania beat-up-em platformer" centers on Juan Aguacante, an agave farmer in love with El Presidente's daughter. When his beloved is kidnapped, Juan must don a magical luchador mask to take down enemies and pass through the Worlds of the Living and Dead to save her.

SCEA's Pub Fund is a program that backs indie titles developed exclusively for the PlayStation Network, matching development budgets and assisting with marketing. Current Pub Fund titles include Minority Media's Papo & Yo.

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