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'Skyrim: Dawnguard' trailer pits vampires against hunters

Fangs vs. Crossbows: Fight!

dawnguard vamp
dawnguard vamp

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim: Dawnguard, the first major expansion to Bethesda's massively-offline RPG, will pit a society of vampires against the titular vampire hunting guild, the Dawnguard.

The trailer, posted below, intimates that you'll be given the option to align yourself with one of the two factions, showing a hero transforming into a winged bloodsucking abomination and absolutely wrecking shop. However, the trailer also shows the player in the role of the quiet hunter, wielding a new tool of the trade to take down the fanged: Crossbows. We learned those would be in the game from pieces of code hidden in previous Skyrim patch notes — are the vampires in the trailer actually the Snow Elves also revealed in that code?

We'll likely find out when we check out Dawnguard during E3 next week. For those not attending, the DLC will be available on Xbox Live for 1600 Microsoft Points this summer.

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