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Sony to reveal 'future of gameplay,' 20 new games at this year's E3

More on the Sony lineup to come


Sony to reveal the future of gameplay at this year's E3 2012

Sony plans to reveal 20 new titles at this year's E3, alongside an announcement slated as the "future of gameplay and innovation," the platform holder revealed on their official E3 2012 website.

In a statement on the site the company confirmed over 200 playable kiosks will be available at this year's expo, which will almost certainly heavily feature their PlayStation Vita platform. Additionally, they will share more information regarding "the new PlayStation lineup, products, and services that will drive the upcoming year in entertainment."

Sony, however, already confirmed earlier in the year no new consoles will be on display at this year's expo.

The Sony E3 press conference is scheduled for 6:00 PM PST on June 4. Those not able to make the event can watch it streamed live on the PlayStation website.

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