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The cut art and ideas of beautiful iOS games


The Simogo games you will never play have been sliced, diced, and spliced together for a one-minute video.

There's a recognizable style to Simogo games. The indie developer, responsible for Beat Sneak Bandits and Bumpy Road, has a love of touchable textures. Its characters are soft and squishy like stuffed animals or bristly and angular like paper dolls. Its music pops, whizzes and clunks. It's so delightful, that any one bit could be consumed a la carte.

That's why this video of Simogo's game scraps, the gristly fat trimmed away during a game's concoction, are so delicious. The galloping bear boy and the leaping rocket girl, they're the stars of games we may never play. The sort of missing link in various projects's evolution processes. Since Simon Flesser and Magnus Gardebäck, the founders of Simogo, consider these the leftovers, you understand they will kill a few darling if that helps to produce a refined final product.

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