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EVE Online UK fans can finally pay in pounds

Cough up some cash

eve online
eve online

EVE Online reaches out to UK playerbase by allowing payments in pounds

EVE Online's UK playerbase can now pay their monthly subscription to the Massively Multiplayer title in pounds sterling, studio CCP announced today.

The UK-friendly monthly subscription, now priced at £9.99, comes in response to user complaints over previously paying for access to the nine-year old title in Euros. This now results in a price reduction of roughly 20 per cent for those in the United Kingdom.

Users with a recurring subscription, however, will not be able to automatically change to the pounds sterling system immediately.

In a statement on the official EVE Online blog by CCP Garlakadl, producer of CCP's billing and account management team, users with a recurring subscription are required to manually cancel their subscription before being able to access the game using pounds sterling.

"When you enter a recurring subscription you enter a legally binding contract with us allowing us to charge your card a specific amount in a set currency. We cannot decide unilaterally to change that amount or currency. To change a recurring subscription to GBP, you will need to manually enter Account Management, cancel your current subscription, and select a new subscription and payment method. Don't worry, cancelling a subscription does not mean you're cancelling your account; it just means that you don't want us to continue charging your card as previously agreed upon. All game time, characters and 'your stuff' will remain right were you left it."

EVE Online currently has a playerbase of 400,000 global subscribers. The title's next major expansion, EVE Online: Inferno, is scheduled to deploy May 22.

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