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Two Guys from Andromeda return with Kickstarter project SpaceVenture

Combines the talents of Space Quest, GLaDOS and Pinky

two guys
two guys

Former Space Quest developers Kickstart a new project titled SpaceVenture

Two Guys from Andromeda, the duo best known for the acclaimed Sierra series Space Quest, today revealed their first project in over 20 years through a Kickstarter campaign for new adventure game SpaceVenture.

The developers, also known as Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, are aiming for $500,000 to finance the project for PC, Mac, Linux, iPad and Android Tablets.

A voice acting cast is also listed on the game's official Kickstarter page and includes the likes of Gary Owens, narrator of Space Quest IV and Space Quest VI, as well as the original voice of Space Ghost. Also included are Rob Paulsen of Pinky and the Brain fame, Robert Clotworthy whose work includes StarCraft's Jim Raynor, Ellen McLain who previously voiced Portal's GLaDOS and John Patrick Lowrie who is known for voicing Sniper from Team Fortress 2.

Murphy and Crowe are also in talks with some of the original composers of the Space Quest series, including Supertramp's Bob Siebenberg.

For each $100,000 milestone reached, an enhanced demo of the game will release. Additionally, all developers will keep a project diary to give updates and behind-the-scenes information about the game.

Backers have the chance to see their name in the credits of the game, or hidden throughout the game as part of a collection of "digital fan cards".

"When you see one, you simply click on it, and the card will zoom to the front of your screen and tell you about the fan on that particular card. We feel this will add an extra element to the game, get you excited to give to the project, and give us the ability to reward you in the game for finding them all.

"But if that doesn't appeal to you, we've thought of that too. If you feel this hinders your game playing experience, you can simply disable this feature at any time! But that one idea you guys had actually made a lot of sense."

A full list of physical and digital rewards is linked on the official Kickstarter page.

The project will only be funded if at least $500,000 is pledged by Tuesday June 12 at 1:27 p.m. EDT.

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