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Dead Space 3 may feature co-op and human enemies

May include giant spider

dead space
dead space

Dead Space may feature co-op and human enemies, according to sources

Dead Space 3 may feature drop-in/drop-out co-op, crouching and evasive maneuvers, human enemies and impromptu battle arenas, according to sources close to IGN.

As stated on the the site, Isaac Clarke will be joined on his journey across ice planet Tau Volantis by "a man with a gnarly scar on his face, an engineering RIG of his own, and glowing red eyes peering from his helmet." In the single player game however, the scarred man will serve as the player's guide.

Users will experience different cut scenes depending on whether they are playing in co-op or single player mode. Additionally players can co-operatively interact with the environment together by using, as an example, telekinesis. It is stated ammo will be shared with your co-op partner and although there is no revive system it is possible to heal your partner.

The Dead Space workbench where players upgrade weapons is said to change as well. The Plasma Cutter now features a knockback effect similar to the Force Gun in its alt-fire mode, while the Pulse Rifle features saw-blades as its secondary firing mode, which may be one of the new customization alternatives in the new workbench.

Telekinesis is more complex this time, allowing you to rotate items rather than simply holding them.

Finally, new enemies and dangerous tech will be introduced in Dead Space 3, including gun-wielding humans that later become Necromorphs, a spinning top-like drill that can slice through Isaac when too close and a giant spider-like creature with orange-tinted weak spots.

Further information is likely to rear its head at this year's upcoming E3.

We contacted EA for comment and will update the story when more details become available.

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