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The Amazing Spider-Man pre-order exclusives announced, includes playable Stan Lee

Be Stan "The Man" Lee

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Stan Lee
Stan Lee

Pre-order exclusives for The Amazing Spider-Man video game announced

Pre-order exclusives for The Amazing Spider-Man video game are available today and feature additional modes including the Rhino Challenge available from GameStop and a mission featuring a fully playable Stan Lee available from, Activision and Marvel revealed today.

In The Rhino Challenge, users take control of the giant genetically engineered villain Rhino and rampage through a highly destructible Manhattan in a timed event.

In the game's Stan Lee mission, users can play as Marvel comics guru Stan Lee in a mission across Manhattan that lets him borrow Spider-Man's abilities and race to collect pages of his latest script.

The Amazing Spider-Man video game let's players take on the role of a young Peter Parker discovering his powers for the first time in a New York City setting. The title features a number of classic Marvel villains and a new Web Rush mechanic that lets Spider-Man swing freely through the city.

The game is scheduled to release June 26, 2012.