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Dragon's Dogma unleashes The Ur-Dragon multiplayer challenge May 22

Don't let it dragon you down

dragon's dogma
dragon's dogma

Dragon's Dogma introduces new Ur-Dragon battle

Fans of action RPG Dragon's Dogma will get a new multiplayer challenge to overcome, which pits users against a powerful Ur-Dragon starting May 22, Capcom revealed today.

In the Ur-Dragon challenge, Players and Pawns worldwide will compete collectively to take down the massive Ur-Dragon via Xbox LIVE or PSN. Each party's attacks will combine as part of a collective effort to kill the dragon. However it will likely take multiple encounters before users are successful, Capcom warns.

While the player who deals the final blow will gain maximum rewards in the new game mode, all participants will receive common or rare items when they inflict damage on the titular enemy.

Users without an online connection can also attempt to kill the dragon alone, only rewards will differ from those found online. Those who slay the Ur-Dragon will have their name and play times recorded in a public leaderboard.

Dragon's Dogma releases in North America May 22.

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