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Soul Sacrifice for PS Vita coming to North America

A reality blended experience of spine-swords


Soul Sacrifice on PS Vita will be made available in North America, Sony announces today.

A PS Vita release of Soul Sacrifice is coming to North America, Sony announced today, following a statement earlier in the month confirming a Vita version would be made available in Japan.

The project, headed by Keiji Inafune will be a "reality blended experience," which is said to portray a realistic fantasy setting.

"What I wanted to illustrate in this game was a 'reality blended into a fantasy world,'" explained Inafune-san in a post on the official PlayStation blog. "The word 'fantasy' normally points to a story that is fictitious; however, with Soul Sacrifice I wanted to illustrate a 'reality within a fantasy that wasn't sugar-coated. It's not about focusing on the strange, but to flip the commonly held concept of what a fantasy theme should be with the concept of 'reality.'"

"Cruelty is a reality in our world, and we have to make sacrifices and pay costs on a daily basis. I wanted to blend this 'reality' theme into a fantasy world, one filled with magic, and create a new type of gaming experience that relied on the player making sacrifices in order to obtain great power.

"There is a 'dark pleasure' lying in between fiction and reality that none of us knew was there. If you simply think of it as a 'dark fantasy,' then your expectations will be betrayed - but in a good way. Please look forward to Soul Sacrifice. It will be a game that players around the world will surely enjoy."

Soul Sacrifice's narrative follows a sorcerer's slave who can perform attacks by "sacrificing" his own body, through acts such as pulling his own spinal cord out through his throat to use as a weapon.

Further information will be revealed at E3 next week.

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