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'RIFT: Storm Legion' expansion confirmed for this fall

Here comes the Colossus


Trion Worlds announced the first expansion for massively multiplayer game RIFT, Storm Legion.

RIFT: Storm Legion, the first expansion for the popular massively multiplayer title, is scheduled to hit this fall, Trion Worlds announced.

The new title will "triple in size" the amount of content and territory currently available in the game, according to its executive producer Scott Hartsman.

Storm Legion opens the door to two new continents: a horror-themed Dusken, and Brevane which is said to be the cradle of Teleran civilization. Also included in the expansion is the duel-faction town Tempest Bay. Both continents will feature their own individual storylines, while introducing Crucia, the Queen of Storms who will infiltrate Telara.

The expansion brings with it an increased level cap of 60, additional mounts and pets, a player housing system called "dimensions," seven new dungeons, three new raids, a crafting tier, a new Chronicle instance, and the introduction of the Colossus who ravages the land and is roughly 100-times bigger than the player.

RIFT was released 2011 and is thought to be a contributing factor in World of Warcraft's initial dip in subscription numbers last year.

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