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GameStop and Sony announce PSN DLC initiative in over 1600 stores

Let's get digital


Gamestop locations through Europe and Australia to get PSN DLC.

Gamestop International and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced today a DLC initiative that will bring PSN DLC to over 1600 GameStop store locations throughout Europe and Australia.

Gamers in Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland will be able to begin purchasing DLC using trade credits, gift cards or cash.

"The ability to use cash and trade credits as currency is a powerful tool and SCEE recognizes that it provides a new channel for gamers to access and purchase exclusive digital content," said GameStop executive vice president of international, Mike Mauler. "We are thrilled to be bringing this initiative to our international customers."

This isn't the first time the retail store will make a push into digital sales. Last May, Gamespot confirmed a deal with Valve to begin selling $20 and $50 Steam vouchers at retail locations in the US.

During their March earnings call, executives for the company stated they saw more than a 57 percent increase in digital sales and estimated global digital sales will hit $39 billion by 2014. GameStop hopes to be responsible for $1.5 billion of those sales.

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