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'Dishonored' shows steampunk-styled murders in first gameplay trailer

Blood, blood and more blood


Dishonored gets its first gameplay trailer just in time for E3

The first gameplay trailer for upcoming Arkane Studios' project Dishonored released today and offers a closer look at the steampunk-styled setting and numerous enemy take-downs.

As shown in the trailer, players will take on a first-person perspective and kill human and bipedal robotic enemies using knives, magic abilities, bombs, crossbows and swords to bloody effect.

The game, which features the work of Half-life 2's Viktor Antonov and Thief: Deadly Shadows' Harvey Smith, will include supernatural, sci-fi and dark fantasy elements to tell the story of a former bodyguard framed for the murder of an Empress. Set in a neo-Victorian world, Dishonored will be part action title, part stealth title.

Dishonored is scheduled to release October 9, 2012 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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