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'Dead Trigger' looks like a promising alternative to 'CoD: Zombies' on mobile devices

Plenty of headshots

Dead Trigger
Dead Trigger

Gorgeous graphics, tons of guns and zombies exploding. What more could you want?

While we're not totally sold on whether an FPS can work well on a touchscreen, we're open to being convinced. And the trailer for Dead Trigger does a heck of a lot of convincing. Developed by Madfinger, the folks who brought the Gears of War-styled Shadowgun to mobile devices, Dead Trigger seems focused on killing a lot of zombies with a wide range of weapons. Not exactly untrodden territory, but the tech behind this game is some of the best we've seen for iOS and Android.

As always, though, it's a question of controls. Can Madfinger jam movement, aiming, and firing onto a touchscreen device and have it not feel like a chore? It's something we won't know until we get our hands on the game. Good news for Android fans, though, since the game will support external third-party controllers when it launches later this year.

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