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'Persona 3' film adaptation confirmed, green-lit for theatrical release

Persona 3 protagonist confirms


Atlus title Persona 3 will be making the transition into film according to a confirmation during a Saturday release of a Persona 4 animated series compilation.

A film adaptation of role-playing game Persona 3 is in development, it was revealed in the final scene of the Persona 4 The Animation: The Factor of Hope film, a compilation of the animated television series which opened Saturday.

As confirmed by the Anime News Network, the film ends with footage of the Persona 3 protagonist stating production on a theatrical film version of the Persona 3 title is green-lit.

It is unknown whether the Persona 3 film adaptation will be live-action or anime, however the protagonist in the footage was presented in 2D animation.

Persona 3 was released in North America in 2007, followed by a PSN re-release earlier this year.

We have contacted Atlus for further information and will update the story in due process.