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Madden NFL 13 puts shouting at your TV to good use

Shout at football, just like dad does

madden 13
madden 13

Madden NFL 13 will add Kinect functionality, a new physics engine and an improved passing game when it launches this fall.

The Kinect functionality built into Madden NFL 13 is built around the assumption that, hey, you're already shouting at your TV while you play, so why not make those shouts mean something?

This year's Madden will allow you to select and alter plays with the power of your own voice using a simple interface that's ever present, at the bottom of the UI. Your commands are spread out before you, changing as the situation demands. Shout a player's name, and then "Streak" to change his route from the line. You can also call audibles, or shout "Hurry Up" to go no-huddle when time is tight.

Despite the fact that our demo was separated from the cacophonous show floor by one thin pane of glass, the Kinect voice recognition worked well, and even seemed like it could be a useful time-saver in certain rush scenarios.

However, the most noticeable addition to Madden NFL 13 isn't the giant man shouting at his Xbox — it's the behind-the-scenes improvements that are powering the game. The Infinity Engine which is revamping character collisions looks great, with more realistic-looking motion blur and tackles which EA boasts will be unique every single time. Passes are no longer bullets from point A to point B — they'll have varying speeds and trajectories which differ based on player control.

For a demo of the Kinect functionality and a brief runthrough of what else we can expect from Madden NFL 13, check out our video interview with EA's Larry Richart below.

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