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'Thief 4' CGI trailer footage spotted online

Four years and counting


A CGI trailer for Thief 4 was found online, showing the first 30 seconds of a demo reel for the upcoming game.

CGI footage for the long in-development Thief 4 was found online in a demo reel attributed to lighting and compositing artist Eric Wong.

The 30 seconds of footage originated from a trailer produced by digital production studio Goldtooth Creative. As reported by Superannuation, the trailer was originally planned for release December 2011, as confirmed in the resume of its lead editor.

Thief 4 is currently being developed by Eidos Montreal, but failed to show at this year's E3 despite its four-year-long development history.

The game's audio director and composer Paul Weird, lead level designer Adam Alim, and previous lead level designer Pierre-Olivier Clement all left the project mid-development, causing many to believe the title is experiencing internal growing pains.

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