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Harmonix working on three or more new AAA IPs

"We made a lot of games before Rock Band and Dance Central, and we're going to make more games other than Rock Band and Dance Central."


Harmonix is working on three or more new IPs unrelated to Rock Band or Dance Central IPs.

Harmonix is working on "three and/or more" original IPs, according to the official Harmonix podcast.

"Some of them are music games. Some of them are not full-on rhythm action games," said John Drake, Director of Communications and Brand Management at Harmonix. "Some of them are brand new things that we created from our guts and brains here at Harmonix. Some of them are sort of like things we're explaining the universe of."

These are neither Rock Band or Dance Central games, even though there may be "more in the works" for those IPs. "It's not Amplitude or Frequency," Drake said. "I'm not talking about Rock Band 4. I'm not talking about the next Dance Central game. I'm talking about new, crazy stuff!"

The Harmonix website currently contains 20 job listings, including a "Senior Level Designer to build gameplay environments for innovative motion-gaming IP on next-generation hardware." The listing includes "Experience with and passion for open-world or landscape-based games" as a desired qualification.

"I can definitely confirm that the overwhelming majority of the positions on our site are for unannounced AAA projects that are new IP," Drake told Polygon.

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