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Sega kicks Anarchy Reigns to 2013 for North America, Europe

Sega's restructuring knocks out Platinum Games' online fighter.

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Anarchy Reigns
Anarchy Reigns
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Sega delays Anarchy Reigns to Q1 2013 in the West.

Platinum Games' bloody beat 'em up Anarchy Reigns won't be coming to America or Europe this summer. Sega said today that it has pushed the brawler, which features combatants from Bayonetta and MadWorld engaging in chaotic combat, into 2013.

Sega placed blame on its company-wide restructuring for the latest delay. Anarchy Reigns was originally slated for release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the fall of 2011.

In a statement issued to Polygon, Sega reps explained that the slippage relates to the company's decision to focus on four key franchises and its digital business.

"Due to the on-going restructure through SEGA Europe and SEGA America, the release campaign for Anarchy Reigns has had to be re-evaluated," reads a Sega statement. "As such, we are now looking to launch the title in Europe and America in Quarter 1 of 2013. We look forward to gamers in the west experiencing the exhilarating action and unique vision of Anarchy Reigns upon its release."

In March, Sega of America president and COO Masanao Maeda told Polygon "The company will be entering into a re-structure phase to reflect the unprecedented change in our industry and to move the company forward appropriately."

Anarchy Reigns was most recently expected in July, but Platinum Games confirmed last month that the game had been delayed in some territories. The Japanese release, under the name Max Anarchy, is still listed as July 5 at retailers like

The online multiplayer brawler was first announced in January 2011 with game director Masaki Yamanaka at the helm. Anarchy Reigns features a diverse and bizarre cast of characters both new and from previous Platinum Games releases.

Update: Platinum Games producer Atsushi Inaba took to Twitter this morning to apologize to fans, and explain that development on the international versions of Anarchy Reigns is fully complete. The decision to delay was not "due to further development of the game," he explained, though he also adds that he's "in the dark" about the reason for the delay. He also claims that his studio was not informed of the delay ahead of its announcement.