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'Wipeout 2048' gets 'Wipeout HD' and 'Wipeout HD Fury' as DLC expansions

It's a Wipeout party on Vita

Wipeout 2048 expansions
Wipeout 2048 expansions

Wipeout 2048 owners can now buy the content from Wipeout HD and Wipeout HD Fury as downloadable expansions, Sony announced today.

Before the Vita's North American launch this past February, Sony detailed a few upcoming cross-play promotions, including one for Wipeout 2048 that offered shared content and cross-platform multiplayer gaming. The Wipeout HD expansion includes the PSN game's full campaign, 12 online multiplayer tracks, 12 cross-play tracks, and 12 ships. Picking up the Wipeout HD Fury expansion brings its own campaign, 12 tracks, 24 ships, and 12 cross-play courses. The add-ons cost $7.99 each, or $12.99 together.

Best of all, anybody who already owns Wipeout HD or Wipeout HD Fury on PS3, and Wipeout 2048, can download the Vita expansions for free. (This should apply for many PSN users, since Sony offered HD and Fury together as part of its Welcome Back program after last year's PSN hack.) Those who buy the expansions on Vita can download them on PS3 for free.

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