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'Halo 4' premieres first hands-on gameplay at Rooster Teeth Expo in July

Halo 4 at RTX


Halo 4 will be playable at Rooth Teeth's Expo in Austin, TX next month.

Halo 4 will be playable at Rooster Teeth Expo on July 7 and 8, marking the game's hands-on debut.

Halo 4 creators 343 Industries and Rooster Teeth, the studio behind the franchise's black comedy spin-off Red vs. Blue, have teamed up to bring playable demos of Master Chief's newest adventure to the RT-sponsored expo. Tickets are on sale until this Friday, June 22nd, so fans willing to make the trek can still jump in line for their first opportunity to demo Halo 4 at the Austin, TX convention center early next month.

RTX is a fan convention "where gaming and internet culture collide," initially created for the online video company's fanbase. Today the convention hosts those same fans as well as industry exhibitors and seminars on creating good online content.

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