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Wii U to offer biggest revenue cut for developers

Nintendo learn from "the mess" of WiiWare

wii u
wii u

Nintendo is offering huge incentives for developers to making use of the Wii U and new eShop.

Nintendo will offer bigger revenue cuts for Wii U developers than any other platform holder, according to a European developer speaking to Wii U Daily.

The source states that Nintendo is offering "insane incentives" to publishers to sell first and third party titles digitally on its new eShop, adding the console giant learned from the "mess" of WiiWare and is developing a platform that will also suit indie developers.

"They're offering insane incentives for publishers to sell retail games as downloads on the console. You'd be stupid not to take advantage of it and go retail box-only," says the source. "The new platform is perfect for indie devs, it's a whole different ball game than WiiWare. They've learned a lot from that mess."

Incentives are said to include a larger slice of the revenue cut than offered elsewhere, as well as online promotions.

"It's just a much bigger revenue cut that you'd get selling it on any other platform at the moment, plus promotions on the online store. If they [Nintendo] pull it off and it gains traction, it'll press the other guys [Microsoft and Sony] to give more of the revenue to the publishers. It's very good for us who make games.

"You'll be making a lot more per unit sold digitally than at retail with the Wii U. And from day one," the source added.

Nintendo previously announced its plans to release many of its first-party titles at retail and through digital download simultaneously.

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