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'Resident Evil 6' 20-minute gameplay video traps Leon in a zombie-infested nightmare

Contains spoilers


Capcom releases 20 minutes of footage from Resident Evil 6

Capcom today released 20 minutes of gameplay footage from its upcoming Resident Evil 6, due for release November 20th.

The footage, which needless to say contains spoilers, features gameplay from Leon's campaign as he becomes trapped in a zombie-infested community of Tall Oaks during a night time banquet for the president. Leon's is one of the three playable campaigns helmed by characters Leon, Chris, and Jake.

This follows the CGI trailer for the game initially shown earlier in the month, as well as a short gameplay video which was demonstrated during Microsoft's E3 conference and introduced fans to the game's combat system and zombie decapitation.

Resident Evil 6 is expected to release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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