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'Diablo 3' fans in South Korea offered full refund by Blizzard

Users over level 40 get no refund


Blizzard offering South Korean users a full refund after Diablo 3 errors.

Blizzard is offering South Korean Diablo 3 players a full refund following the infamous Error 37 server issues which reared its head at the game's launch.

This comes as the result of gamer complaints that forced the South Korean government to launch an extensive investigation into Blizzard's Seoul office last month.

While Blizzard's refund policy initially did not allow for refunds of a title already in-use, this was at odds with South Korean law which guaranteed refunds of any product within seven days if problems were not caused by the customer.

In a post on the Korean, as translated by Wall Street Journal, Blizzard now states any Diablo 3 player under level 40 can apply for a refund from June 25th to July 3rd.

Blizzard will also accept returns from users less than level 20 within two weeks of purchase from now on. Those above level 40 will not be offered a refund.

Earlier in June the company set up additional servers throughout Korea to deal with the connectivity issues.

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