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'Dishonored' website updated with new wallpaper, setting details, and up-close look at enemies

A closer look at Dishonored


Dishonored website updates with new details and up-close images of enemies.

The official website for Bethesda's upcoming pseudo-steampunk title Dishonored updated today with new wallpaper, details of the world, and enemy artwork.

Included is an in-depth look at the game's setting, The Isles, as well as its capital city of Dunwall whose denizens are suffering through a plague epidemic.

"One of the earliest known cases of the plague was reported to be an innocent young boy," reads the website. "Very little is known about the disease that that is now sweeping the city. It is said to be spread by rats, although these carriers, large and aggressive, are no common sewer vermin. Once infected, victims soon grow weak, ill and highly contagious. Common symptoms include bleeding from the eyes, hence the name "Weepers". The Lord Regent is determined to contain the plague by any means necessary, patrolling the streets with armed, mechanized sentries and enforcing quarantines and strict curfews. The Boldest Measures Are the Safest."

An up-close look at artwork for enemy types Tall Boy, the Bottle Street gang, city watch officers, elite guards, warfare overseers, courtesans, and the lord regent is also available.

Dishonored is scheduled to release October 9th in North America on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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