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'Journey Collector's Edition' bundles thatgamecompany's titles onto one disc

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A Journey Collector's Edition bundle, including thatgamecompany's Journey, Flow, and Flower, was confirmed for a late summer disc-based release this morning.

Thatgamecompany confirmed the existence of the bundle via Twitter this morning, stating that the Collector's Edition "is a thing," but the company "can't say anything more" at this time. Retailer Play-Asia lists the bundle for an August release, while GameFly pins down the date as August 28th.

The Journey Collector's Edition bundle will mark the first time thatgamecompany titles have been released on disc. Flow was released digitally for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable in 2006, with Flower following for PS3 in 2009. Journey released in March of this year and quickly became the fastest selling downloadable title of all time on the PlayStation Network.

The developer's three-game contract with Sony ended after Journey's release, and thanks to a $5.5 million investment by Benchmark Capital the company will now move towards self-publication.

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