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'Rainbow Moon' beams down to North America July 10th

rainbow moon
rainbow moon

Rainbow Moon beams down to North America on July 10.

Rainbow Moon, a strategy RPG published by EastAsiaSoft exclusively for the PlayStation Network, will launch in North America on July 10th for $14.99.

Rainbow Moon was originally announced in early 2011, with a projected holiday release. It was delayed to this year on developer SideQuest Studios' desire to improve the overall quality of the game.

EastAsiaSoft announced more than 20 free and premium content packages will be available during the first month of launch, accessible for purchase in Rainbow Moon's in-game store. The company stressed that these additional packs are all optional, non-consumable items not required to complete the game. Players can also re-use these items with each new game restart.

EastAsiaSoft is considering publishing the game on other platforms, with the PS Vita "very high on [their] list." The company is waiting to observe Rainbow Moon's reception and has more promised more information on future releases after the initial PS3 launch.

The game follows the story of a young man named Baldron who is warped to the mysterious planet Rainbow Moon. The planet is teeming with dangerous monsters that have crossed into it through a dimensional gate, and its inhabitants react suspiciously to Baldron's sudden and simultaneous appearance. Baldron must collect objects scattered across the world in order to build a magical staff that will seal the gate and warp him home.

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