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'Quantum Conundrum' hits PSN July 10th, XBLA July 11th

"Right from the start, it was about shifting dimensions."

Quantum Conundrum review
Quantum Conundrum review

Quantum Conundrum release dates confirmed.

Quantum Conundrum is coming to PlayStation Network on July 10th and Xbox Live on July 11th, a Square Enix representative confirmed to Polygon.

Airtight Games' first person puzzler from former Valve employee and Portal designer Kim Swift launched today on PC exclusively through Steam. Publisher Square Enix had announced a general summer timeframe for the console versions, but had provided no specificity until today.

For information about the game's development, check out Polygon's interview at E3 with Greg Poulos, Quantum Conundrum's producer. You can also read Polygon's review of the PC version, published earlier today, to see how that vision materialized.

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