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'Sine Mora' landing on PSN soon

Dive into bullet hell on PSN

Sine Mora screenshot
Sine Mora screenshot

Sine Mora is on its way to the PlayStation Network, Digital Reality announced today.

The bullet-hell shoot-'em-up co-developed by Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture launched on Xbox Live Arcade in March to a warm reception. Earlier this month, before E3, Digital Reality revealed the existence of a PlayStation Vita version that is due out later this year.

"We're excited as ever to bring the experience to yet another platform," said Balázs Horváth, director of publishing at Digital Reality.

When asked if the developers are planning any cross-platform functionality between the PSN and Vita versions, a representative for the publisher told Polygon, "Not that I know of."

Sine Mora features a striking 2.5D aesthetic described as "dieselpunk" and a unique time-based level progress mechanic. A score from Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill, Shadows of the Damned) lends a dramatic flair to the proceedings. The developers also pride themselves on Sine Mora's accessibility: Arcade Mode can offer a tame experience or a nightmarish challenge.

Digital Reality offered nothing more concrete than "soon" for Sine Mora's PSN release date. We're hoping this version comes with a pronunciation guide.

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