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'Mass Effect 3' post-ending 'Extended Cut' coming June 26th

Additional scenes expand upon the controversial endings

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut (black)
Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut (black)

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, BioWare's expansion of the game's controversial ending, is due out on June 26th.

"Extended Cut," the Mass Effect 3 DLC that will expand upon the game's controversial ending, is due out next week, BioWare announced today.

The expansion will be available to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC players worldwide on June 26th, except for European PS3 users, who have to wait until July 4th.

The free 1.9 GB download fleshes out the story with "additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes," although BioWare was careful to point out that Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut only provides "more ... answers and closure" based on a player's unique Shepard and decisions — it doesn't change the endings themselves.

BioWare originally announced the Extended Cut in April, about a month after Mass Effect 3 came out and spawned an Internet outcry over its ending.

The studio released a podcast that provides more details on the Extended Cut through an interview that community manager Jessica Merizan did with executive producer Casey Hudson and lead writer Mac Walters. Check it out below.

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