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'Spelunky' digging onto XBLA July 4th

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Indie game on Independence Day

Spelunky XBLA
Spelunky XBLA

Spelunky, Mossmouth's retro-stylized subterranean platformer, will finally make its way onto XBLA on July 4th, Microsoft spokesperson Major Nelson revealed today.

The indie title, which first launched on PCs in 2008, has been a long time coming to Xbox 360's digital store shelves, but will bring with it renovated visuals and, for the first time, two-to-four player co-op and deathmatch modes. It will run Marketplace shoppers 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) to download.

For more information on Spelunky's long and laborious journey from freeware release to Xbox Live Arcade, check out our recent feature on the game's development and rise to indie fame.