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Dust 514 Mercenary Pack available, guarantees access to beta for $20

The Mercenary Pack guarantees access to Dust 514's beta.

Dust 514
Dust 514

Dust 514's Mercenary Pack has been announced and includes weapons, buffs and guaranteed access to the beta.

The Mercenary Pack for Dust 514, the upcoming free-to-play FPS for PlayStation 3, is available now and guarantees access to the beta, according to a post on the game's official blog.

For $20, the Mercenary Pack affords players an "'All Access' Beta Pass" as well as a 30-day boost to XP, fashion upgrades via a special dropsuit and SMG, a weapon upgrade for a shotgun, buffs to melee and grenade damage, and the ability to create ad hoc spawn points for your teammates. To top it off, players will receive 4,000 Aurum — $20 worth of Dust 514's in-game currency — to spend in the game's marketplace.

Dust 514, developed by CCP Games, is exclusive to PlayStation 3 and set within the same universe as CCP Games' MMORPG, Eve Online.

Those uninterested in paying for access can still register for the beta at Dust 514's website, though CCP Games makes it clear that registration does not guarantee access.

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